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Greek Nose
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if i were the moon i could catch your eye, im jealous of the moon. if
i were the wind i could make you fly, im jealous of that too. i wish iwere the sun shining on your face, caressing like a lover. i would
wrap you in a warm embrace. wed be holding one another. i'm jealous of
the sun. i don't wanna share you with nothing else, i gotta have you to myself. i can't help it, i'm so in love. i just can't get you close enough. when the suns on your skin, i cant hold it in. & i know its a sin, but im jealous of the sun. i wish i were the rain runnin down your neck, and drippin from your fingers. i could be the drops rolling of your back, id love to let it linger. im jealous of the rain. when the rains on your face, i almost can taste your beauty, your grace. im jealous of the rain. when the winds in your hair, the way it blows through the air, it seems so unfair, when the moons in your eyes,  you seem to light up the skies. and i realize, im even jealous of the moon.

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